Friday, July 18, 2008

Doctors etc.... Thrush and Sparrows


I thought you might like a better picture of the thrush and I've added the sparrows having a 'fest' on the ears of wild wheat near the bird feeders. Although these pictures don't logically 'merge' I have made them into one to save on 'blogger' storage space. Not that it costs me anything but, after having been 'blogging' for several years, I think there are nearly a 1000 in there.

When the wheat started to grow I thought the pigeons would eat it; I didn't expect the sparrows.

All our medical appointments were kept and I guess I shall hear about the ultrasound scan in due course. The operator had a very close look at my hernia and tummy area. But I'm getting better anyway. Still moderate/severe twinges if I stand up for too long but my wheels help. All being well we are going to Powys Castle on Sunday with Mansfield National Trust and we don't want to let people down. I've said in advance that I shan't be doing much walking, but we are both looking forward to an outing.

My new PC arrived this morning and it is good but there are still niggles. It took several hours to download a DVD of pictures from my laptop and I had expected it to be much quicker. Also text doesn't seem as clear on my posh monitor. It probably needs attention with the Microsoft Cleartype tool. I'll do it tomorrow.


Roy ..... Yes, you have the correct Taylor family. Small world isn't it? Research is always appreciated and thank you. Please let me have a couple of photos for the blog on your return from caravaning.

AnonymousRob ....... Benjamin Zephaniah is a hoot. I like the quote. I didn't rate him to begin with but, over the years, he's grown on me.

Looking forward to receiving the 'light/curtains' picture. Many people have worked in that particular area - because the subject stimulates the artistic imagination I suppose. Interesting light always seems to.

Bungus has already answered your 'growing old' question. It was indeed Jenny Joseph. Please click here for a delightful link about the poem.

Hope the tandoori lives up to expectations.

Bungus ...... Just missed you at The City Hospital - I wasn't there till 4pm ! How nice that your driver was an old friend you could reminisce with.

Certainly looking forward to your painting. Everybody is 'at' the light filtering through curtains theme. See Rob above. I might have a go myself.

Here is my troublesome gorilla........

He just wouldn't go away. I hope that, having downloaded him again, he won't do a repeat performance this evening.

When I was posted in Germany I really liked Wiener Schnitzel but never eat it now out of consideration for the calves. However I understand that the rearing methods are now more humane.

Thanks for the reminiscences about 'performances' . You actually knew Henry Normal before I came along but I remember how supportive he was of others. Good luck to him that he has prospered. For the benefit of other readers, Pete Carrol (Henry Normal) wrote the first series of The Royle Family and since then his career has blossomed. Don't know why I didn't expect to find a Wiki page, but there it is, under the link.




Jill said...

Liked the recent bird picturs - I had some maize grow last year, the pigeons had it, haven;t seen sparrows for some years. Same with starlings, but this year we do have a starling family back. And a song-thrush. And three baby magpies, which I could do without.

I thought the Royle Family was written by the woman comedienne in it, cannot think of her name, she was Denise in it, the daughter? She had a chat show at one time, not as herself but playing a middle-aged lady like Mary Whitehouse. Oh dear, I am getting in a muddle hre, it's too late, I should be in bed....

For Bungus, the D.Telegraoh has a bit in its TV review, wondering which is the worst TV drama this summer, Bonekickers or Harley Street. They finally came down on the side of Bonekickers - I did watch about twenty minutes of Harley Street, that was enough.

You may get a second instalment of this tomorrow....

bungus said...

Nice thrush (unless one happens to be a snail).

Hope your PC gets over its teething problems.
I would suggest you don’t bugger it up by messing about!
It seems to me that you have something of a shared obsessive quality with Dan.
Whereas I accept minor flaws in things such as sound reproduction, etc (except mitres and light switches – two way ones are impossible as you never seem to be able to have both of them down when they are off), Dan could never get his bike brakes keen enough. He demanded instant halt and was constantly adjusting. God knows how he would go on with a locomotive or an oil tanker! And he had to have gold ‘pegs’ on his guitar (something to do with heat expansion, I think).

re Weiner Schnitzel:
In the 1960s we were less 'fussy' about food consumption.
I understand that British veal is ‘humanely’ produced (ie, the calves can move about) but Holland and other continental countries do not impose the same restrictions which means that their meat is whiter.

Thanks for the link to Henry Normal and Baby Cow. I may submit something.

We have a cherry tree grown exclusively for the blackbirds. They also have first pick at the raspberries but have soon had enough to leave plenty for us.

The first series of The Royle Family was written by Caroline Aherne (Mrs Merton) and Henry Normal and (possibly) Craig Cash. Later series were by Aherne and Cash.
My memory must be better than I thought it was.

bungus said...

It was granddaughter Alex’s 18th birthday on the 14th and she is having a party here today (Sat). About 70 people have been invited and we have chairs for a coven. Let us hope it remains fine.
It’s as bad as Christmas so I intend to remain in my room (ostensibly to avoid infection).
Sandra believes in doing plenty of food so I look like living on loaves and fishes for the next three weeks.

Jill said...

Thank you, Bungus, Caroline Aherne it was. I didn't know Henry Normal had a hand in it too. And I thought that 'Purple' was by Wendy Cope, sho is indeed a poet but not that one. I look forward to seeing your painting.

G, I hope you manage to get to and enjoy your outing tomorrow, at least it will be a change of scenery.

anonymousrob said...

Bungus, I'm sure you could turn your hospital visits into a comedy series but who would play you?

The curry was excellent, as usual. On the way there I remembered another of my mum's sayings but I've forgotten it again. I'll have to ask Elaine if she can remember it. I would have written it down at the time but had neither a writing instrument nor anything on which to write. And I didn't have a pen or paper.

Paddy O'Palmer has nothing to do with our family. Being an O' he was most probably a Catholic. My forbears are from my mother's side of the family and were Protestants. They protested about almost everything from the poll tax to the potato famine. There is a story that my great-great-great grandad was the inspiration for Victor Meldrew but I don't believe it.

Veal is a good meat to eat and should be eaten more widely. Doing so will actually give some calves a better life than they have at the moment. I believe males are slaughtered within a couple of days of birth as they are not seen as having any value. It also seems to me that farmers and customers are realising that animals having a free range/organic type of life before slaughter makes them happy and produces better quality meat. But I could be wrong.

Caroline Aherne played Mrs Merton in the chat show of the same name. She once asked this question:
So, Debbie McGee, what first attracted you to the multi-millionaire Paul Daniels? Classic.


Jill said...

That's what I remember from Mrs.Merton, her question to Debbie Daniels - brilliant!

You've got a full house, Bungus, hope your Sandra doesn't find it too exhausting, and that she remembers to feed you, and that it all goes well, and there are some great 'left-overs'.

Off to watch 'Hadrian' - I thought it was a repeat of the one in the week, but apparently not.....