Sunday, July 13, 2008

A fairly normal Sunday - weather good


Last night at sunset, looking through my bedroom window, I thought we were under attack from an alien space-ship with a very wide wing span. However, it soon transmogrified into clouds with the sun's rays shining through a gap. What a relief.

Our day has been more normal. We nipped out for essential shopping but, my own fault, I got up about an hour before going out. Hence, after we had just done Lidl I had to opt out and sit in the car while Y got a few items in Morrisons and put the 'glass' in the recycling skip. Then it was home and lie down flat again.

Around 10.30am the Long-tailed Tits visited. They are so camera shy I seldom saw one as clear of foliage as this one. Mostly they seems to flit about well within the canopy of leaves. This one seems to be only a chick and has probably yet to learn that 'furtiveness is a virtue' in his/her way of life.

I spoke to David and, as you will see from his comment, we now have translations of his 'family speak' phrases.

Can 't disagree that 'drawing windows' is delightful for the condensation you can draw in, but my favourite is ' ramstamin', for that unmistakable stomping around in displeasure that children do. Come to think about it, I've known adults do it too. They've been great David and thanks for sharing.

For lunch Y had a sandwich and I had 2 roll-map herrings with a slice of bread & butter. The roll-mops come in a jar, from Lidl, and are as good as any I've ever tasted. For fellow Lidl fans they are on a shelf at the deli counter.

For main meal I cooked Barnsley chops, with the necessary tracklements and not, Bungus will be relieved to hear, Yorkshire puddings.

A relief to hear from both Reg (e-mail) and Roy's comment, that the Workshop at Durban House was a success. Reg makes a good point when he asks "How many more members do we actually need ?" On a good club night, clich├ęs about tins of sardines spring to mind.


Jill ..... Congratulations on your 'Twitcher of The Day" award from Roy. It is a chaffinch then, and he knows his birds. And their song. Last but one WoW I asked what bird a particularly loud and vigorous song was emanating from. He told me it was a Wren ! I've gone all these years thinking that Wrens made music in keeping with their tiny bodies. But I've been wrong.

On the right is a picture of the 'bellows". They allow precise control in close-up photography. You can adjust with the knobs, the exact distance between lens and object and get precisely what you want sharply in focus. At least that's the theory ! This photographer is on a fairly steep learning curve in this area. When I have achieved some sort of 'result' I shall blog it.

There sounds more to 'quick' crosswords than I was giving them credit for. My stance will be reviewed.

David ..... Thanks, as above. If it had just been the 'runs', without John in front, I think we would all have got it. And the teddy called 'cappadoodle' is great.

Do you remember 'Mr. Johnson' ?

Bungus .... Thanks for the praise for the rose picture. It has also done well on Ephotozine a free online photo magazine I subscribe to. So far it has collected 11 votes, as against my usual 4.

Re Rum..... While doing my Nat. Srvce in BAOR we had ersatz Rum which is an inferior substitute for the real thing. I've never drunk Rum of any variety since, it was so awful.

"be some different specie" was a straightforward typo. I was caught midway between "by some different....." and "could be some different ......."

About your "another outstanding failure to add to your C.V" - please see quotation later.

Roy ..... You are fully entitled to your position on ABBA. And I am quite sure you are not alone.

I am so far from being a music-buff that simple tunes and monotonous beats are necessary to get my attention at all. Anything more subtle goes straight over my head.

My Dad also called a sleeveless cardigan a 'wescot' . A proper 'waistcoat' was dismissed as a 'fancy westcot'.

So pleased to hear about the Durban House Workshop. We are so lucky to have kept our two young ladies. I'm looking forward to their output this coming season.


Quotation slot ..........................

"No one who cannot rejoice in the discovery of his own mistakes deserves to be called a scholar"

Donald Wayne Foster

n.b. It's worth opening the link because he sounds a very interesting chap. I've only skim-read his wiki-page but, if I can't sleep, I'll read it more carefully. Don't some people have some lovely jobs?

..... An old favourite for Jill and Bungus. Sleep tight. Catch you termorra !..............



bungus said...

Very dramatic photo 1.

I suppose you know where you are with roll-map herrings.
My mother used to make roll-mops but I have never been sure whether I like them or not; certainly occasionally is often enough. I’ll give the Lidl variety a try on your recommendation.
I masochistically enjoyed 2 (many) ordinary herrings (cold) for breakfast the other morning and shall not want them again this year!

Yes, Wrens are surprisingly loudmouthed little things.

Donald Wayne Foster does seem interesting if a bit unreliable (Benet case).

My view is that ABBA are a very good ‘sing-along’ group. Not profound but entertaining, whereas I find SoM more than a little emetic.

No views on my ‘gansie’/’Guernsey hypothesis? How disappointing!
(I bet DW Foster would have been pleased if he’d thought of it).

Yesterday you mentioned taking an Isle of Wight trip. You are very brave (some might say foolhardy). I hope it goes well.
Although we quite like the sound of such a break, and everyone seems to speak highly of them, Sandra cannot bear the thought of the discomfort of the coach journey.
As for me, I seem to be coming more and more of a recluse, even an agoraphobic. It is the presentation of the Queen’s Award today but I feel reluctant to attend.
Perhaps I shall be able to break out when the treatment is finished.

“I crossed the landing and went down stairs. Mind you, if there had been no stairs, I wouldn't even have attempted it.”
(Chic Murray)

bungus said...

Got it (Wikipedia):
A guernsey (or gansey) is a seaman's knitted woollen sweater, similar to a jersey, differing in that it is thicker and more likely to be hand knitted, or in having such an appearance in contrast to the latter's finer knit. It is also less detailed than a Jersey.

anonymousrob said...

I hope both RG and Y continue to take it easy and that their health improves.

I'm intrigued that Bungus feels you are both 'brave' in going on your bus trip to the Isle of Wight. Is this because you are going on a bus trip when you have not been feeling well, or is it because you are going to the Isle of Wight? All I know about the Isle of Wight is the rude (in a schoolboyish way) joke relating to Cowes.

Do your/Brian's bellows connect to the automatic exposure system of your camera? Do you use a tripod? Keep practising, when the back allows. Do you want some tuition?

I really like the dramatic sunset(?); we didn't have skies that dark our way. Were you in Sutton or Kirkby?

The rum article was fascinating. I will think about entering the competition because the prize is worth having. I'm intrigued, and delighted, there was no mention of Bacardi. I don't like the organisation which thinks it owns bits of Cuba and should either have them back or get compensation from the Cuban government. I find Havana Club a much nicer rum though I've never drunk it neat.

Abba are OK! I can see where Roy is coming from and have a tendency to agree with Bungus that a lot of their stuff is jolly 'sing-a-long' music. I guess that's why it's popular. However, I think some of the later songs, written and recorded when the relationships were changing and disintegrating, have quite a bit of depth. I'm not sure that songs such as Fernando, The Winner Takes It All and The Day before You Came can really be said to have the same tune.

Don't roll-mop herrings make the floor smell fishy?


Jill said...

I don't like roll-mop herrings....

Re my comment yesterday about the D.Tel 'quick' crossword, the first 5 clues across today gave the following answers:

ode: ear: water: volga: carrion.

Just to give you a taste....

And talking of tastes, if you still have the Colour Mag. from the D.Tel. on Saturday, there is an article in it (page 76) called 'Lashings of Ginger Beer'. This is anew book from the Yarnstorm Blogger, I have it (I know her slightly) and it is fascinating. She writes about the food mentioned in children's literature, with a recipe at the end of each chapter. Books from Enid Blyton, Swallows and Amazons, Heidi,the William books, the Borrowers, Mary Poppins - (probably more Y's cup of tea?) - it has brought back such memories of these books I read as a child, and later read to my children. Very much a niche market, but great fun. Most of the recipes are for baking - not your forte?

Great photos - poor Bill's mother- I haven't seen any long-tailed tits lately, I think the majority of the ones round here are just passing through.

Bellows - thanks for the info, definitely a gap in my education....