Saturday, July 05, 2008

Stormy weather - Wimbledon triumph


The pictures today are all flowers (not The Trent, Rhine, or Mississippi as cryptic xword puzzlers might expect). The first is one of Y's favourite borders and always looks good, no matter what time of year. 3 years ago the lavender (in left hand golden section) looked well past it and we said it must go. We forgot, and ever since the plant has flowered prolifically - it just needed the threat.

Picture 2 is a Hosta at Bungus's and, amazingly, showing signs of snail damage. I say amazingly because Sandra's method of growing in pots and wrapping copper-strip around the circumference of the pot is usually a 100% off-put to the varmints.

Y's slug pellet method hardly works at all. Debra says she finally felt grown-up when she first bought a canister of slug-pellets. Incidentally we only use the environment/bird friendly variety.

Some friends always take out the flower spikes, being interested only in the foliage. But we both think the flowers have a certain grace and majesty. Hosta la vista in fact !

Number 3 is another Helen picture and looks to me like Comfrey but I'm willing to be shouted down by someone who actually knows.

Whatever - I like the restricted depth-of-field. She will probably say her camera was on 'auto' and she didn't control the shot.

Good though. Again ! and I love the colours.

Comfrey makes an interesting green vegetable even though it 'goes down' abit, like spinach. Excellent soup ingredient too and very good for you.

Our 14yr old Laura Robson did wonderfully well at Wimbledon. She won the ladies Junior singles title and although I only listened on 5 Live radio I picked up the general picture very well. Her win means she gets a wild-card to next year's adult competition. Lets hope she can keep it up.

Many congratulations also to Venus Williams for her win. I heard her interviewed on Today programme and the interviewer asked if she and her sister would pre-decide the result over breakfast. She found the suggestion offensive and I agreed with her.

Comments...... blogger ... who is obviously Bungus pressing the wrong button, tells us that the Bill's mother sky was on his little old Premier rather than his posh Sony. As is always said ad infinitum it's the photographer that counts, not his/her equipment.

Re Hospital. I was treated in The City and my forthcoming hernia-healing clinic will be there. Received the letter this morning. I also was worried by the lack of a posterior rectus sheath but I'm not that sort of boy anyway. Witty old you about 'being choked at the risk of strangulation' and your neighbour dispute reaching a hiatus.

Jill .... I don't think it is ALMOST worse for the hand-holder - it is definitely worse. The medical staff give the patient drugs and stuff to control pain - but they give the carer nothing. A few stiff drinks ought to be prescribed and provided. They won't even supply a cup of tea.

My clinic appointment is 18th July, but I know in advance that my Warfarin will cause operation problems. We all hope that your discussion of management options on Monday is successful. Y remembers that your Mum had osteoporosis too.

I think we all understand your point about 'the unemployed' and their differences.

And communal living can be many different sorts of thing. Like Bungus I've spent time in barracks. I would much rather have a bedspace in a warm barrackroom with a view than a solitary, cold cell with no window.

I think Y will be rooting for Nadal tomorrow. We will probably wager our customary £1 coin on the outcome.

AnonymousRob ....... Glad you are still giving the caravan some hammer. I think Saga FM transmogrified into Heart, not Smooth but I could be wrong.

I liked your Mum's galloping horse saying. The one I grew up with was "A nod is as good as a wink to a blind man on a galloping horse". Obviously a similar source.

I wish I could claim that my embedded haiku was deliberate, but it wasn't.


Sleep tight ! Catch you tomorrow.


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Jill said...

Wimbledon held up for rain - so a quick comment.

That herbaceous border is gorgeous.I will try talking to a non-flowering clematis, threatening it with the chop, see if that works.

Mum spent the last nine years of her life in a nursing home,last three bed-ridden, due to osteoporosis, I really do want to avoid that...hopefully mine has been diagnosed earlier, and I know drugs etc. have improved.

I do hope all goes well for you on the 18th, my only complaint about the day surgery unit (and it was new) was that it was mixed beds, i.e. men and women. I really do not see nowadays why we should have to suffer mixed wards, except for Intensive Care. I have two friends - women, my age - who have discharged themselves against medical advice rather than stay another night on a mixed ward.

Rant over!

In knitting parlance people often say of a mistake 'could it be seen by a man on a galloping horse on a dark night?' and if the answer is 'no' then you don't undo it all and re-knit.

They are back on Centre Court - so all for now - R will have to wait for his supper!