Friday, October 17, 2008

Weekend Off - Y's hair - Shopping


Perhaps the best way to persuade a doubting-bungus of the melon-like characteristics of the full moon is to publish this explanatory panorama. Isn't retirement and messing-about good fun ?......... Can't wait for you to join us Rob. This 'going to work', especially when you don't like the job, is a right pain.

Y had her hair done in Eastwood this morning and has arranged, in future, to have her nails done there too. My fingers always want to type 'furute'. So, if I say I am looking into the furute and I don't spot it, please don't be confused. There's enough of us about already !

Picture 2 is entitled 'Peter Pan plays in RG's new shower' and I used it for the first time this morning. Super job by Ian who did it, at estimate price, and quickly and efficiently and arranged for the 'tiler' who was similar. My Sigma 10-20mm has distorted it somewhat but it is a 'record' and conveys the idea.

My somewhat hopeless notion was, with my powerful hand lantern, to illuminate the interior without using flash. I didn't realise motion would be frozen to quite this extent. There ya go sunshine !

After 'hair' we shopped at Lidl, followed by Morrisons and intended to sample their recommended coffee but the timing was all wrong so we came home and had our customary Friday lunch of Fish, Chips and Peas even though, by then, it was 2.10pm.

Several fairly happy computer jobs, on all three devices. Y's Vista is into energy conservation and takes it upon itself to shut down if you leave it on unattended for long. I've fixed that and it now stays on, happily showing Y's pictures as a screen-saver, until she decides to shut down.

There are glitches with Picasa 3, but all surmountable, and the programme is after all still in 'beta' (meaning it's still being developed) but that's true for most Google programmes anyway. There has been nice coverage of the Queen's visit and she had a laugh at the v.popular YouTube page about the laughing baby. The Google Search page for the day was brilliant.

Please see picture above right. I did a screen-print and saved it.

Good for Queenie for going and good for Google for getting it just right.


incy wincy ........ You did miss a good day. I'm sorry you weren't with us to point out your lead work. There is a certain magic in having an artist show one his/her work and discuss its features. And along with William Morris and Ruskin I do consider that craftsmanship of that order merits the classification 'Art'.

Wollaton Hall will repay a further visit anyway, in better weather and in better light. The building is an undervalued gem in my opinion.

I now we are running out of time before you are costa-bound. But hope to see you next Wednesday because Y and I are then on holiday and a couple of days after we get back you are off.

bungus ..... I like the 'distraction' joke and I really must try Morrison's coffee.

I was confused by the "30 to 40 sq inch sheet" thinking you meant "40 inches square". To paraphrase Churchill I thought - "Some pig and some cheek !"

The figure in the 'arch picture' is Helen ! Either my prose is becoming obscure or you didn't read it properly. It doesn't really matter which.

See the lead picture for a better explanation of the Melon/Moon imbroglio.

anonymousrob ...... I don't think I have ever met anyone with an NVQ in plastic pipe assembly. Impressive or what ?

Thanks for the note about the Exhibtion at the - Djanogoly Art Gallery - I think Reg mentioned it on Wednesday. Sounds well worth a visit. Perhaps this coming Wednesday if the weather is still bad.

Fancy Colin Gibson having an FRPS - as Erewash Valley has it "ood a thowt it ?"

p.s. I think I'm confusing him with David Gibson aren't I ?

Pepperoni prepared like parma ham and 'fatty' doesn't sound good. I've always thought of pepperoni as sliced discs from a long sausage with a diameter of maybe just over an inch. But I haven't researched it.

Thanks for the brief piece from the 'Sports Desk' and I think, as blogmeister, it will be best to leave the Astronomy Desk unmanned/unwomanned.

They'd only spend their days gazing out of the window anway, hoping for a glimpse of heaven and completely ignoring Jill when she walks past......

Lovely, witty last sentence. I'll try not to make a 'fool' of myself !

Quotation time ................Nice one Gore !

"Today's public figures can no longer write their own speeches or books, and there is some evidence that they can't read them either"

Gore Vidal

I think Jill returned today. Hope you had a good time Jill. Talk us all through it, and pictures would be nice.

Sleep tight all. ...... .Hope to catch you tomrrow


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bungus said...

Having paged that I thought Hud would have been better in technicolour, I now feel obliged to include the following extract from The Observer TV Paper.
“The film (Hud) brought deserved Oscars to Patricia Neal … Melvyn Douglas … and cinematographer James Wong Howe for his fine monochrome images.”
I watched ‘The Road to Perdition’ last night. I thought Paul Newman gave a good performance but that Tom Hanks took his chance to shine, playing a bigger, serious role in what was, in fact, an updated Western. But then, ‘The Magnificent Seven’ was an updated medieaval Japanese story.

You will see below that I managed to rescue about 4oz of the pig’s cheek and turn it into something edible, even rather tasty. Shan’t bother again though despite a decent dish of dripping.

The melon/moon leaves me feeling as I did when, no matter how often I looked, I was unable to detect the rust which was considered to reside in my rifle barrel.
In the end I surrendered and agreed that I could see it, just to stop them going on at me.
I got 3 days Confined to Barracks which does not mean precisely that and is a much more unpleasant experience than it sounds.

I thought the melon was a 'furute'?
Looking into the furute - Star gazing?
The knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone.

Sorry, but I am not quite sure what I am supposed to see in the shower. It’s not Vivien Leigh, that’s for sure – nor even her daughter Janet.

Hope you got some Purple Sprouting from Lidl - I had mine yesterday evening with carrots, cauli, mash and the tasty (but not worth the bother) pig’s cheek forcemeat balls and excellent cider gravy.

A computer that shuts itself down sounds a good idea to me. But not if it does it after as little as 5 minutes, say.

So far, I have found it better generally to work in Picasa 2 and move to Picasa 3 for ‘titling’ and ‘smudging’ (or whatever it’s called).

What Queen’s Visit?
The Google page logo is good though.
I have now read the link and understand the reference.
The Duke’s comment reminds me of my dad’s when he first saw me in jeans, “Been working then?”

I am surprised at a person of your age getting confused between ‘square inches’ and ‘inches square’.
I wonder if it is explained in schools today or whether ‘inches square’ (‘mm square’) has disappeared entirely. It was never a great deal of use anyway.

Boring explanation: You mention Helen but do not actually say that it is her in the picture. I did not realise that the two sentences are connected.

From your ‘last’ sentence it appears that it must be Jill who is the ‘camera angel’.
I think I may have meant Helen rather than Maureen anyway, not having met either of them! Are they both photographers?

I think I would have gained an NVQ too had I been working under test conditions when I ‘plumbed out in plastic’ a Norfolk cottage. That was my swan song too.
And yes, there are these otherwise apparently reasonable, even impressive, people who have the unfortunate ‘lager drinking’ gene. That said, in Chatham NAAFI Club, 1957, an oppo and I were wont to drink pints of lager & lime with Drambuie chasers.

Having cleared up with RG about ‘Helen in the picture’, is the Djanogoly exhibition by Colin Gibson or were you told of it by Colin Gibson?
That query is purely of academic interest.
But it must be a different Colin Gibson anyway.
The one I knew (now sadly deceased) ‘only’ had an MBE. He was Clerk to Ollerton Council for many years; a Geordie who did a lot of useful work – including getting Ollerton Town FC up and running again and on to the national promotion ladder – and he was witty and pleasant company.

I don’t know about ‘pepperoni’ but I have always understood ‘peperami’ to be a strongly flavoured, dark red, hard Italian sausage principally used to decorate pizza.
After trying it numerous times. I have finally decided I don’t like it (or any other salami, or chorizo). Jessica loves it.
Am I not correct that most foreign ‘bacon’ is fatty, as ours used to be before they changed pigs.

If there is anything worse than work it is boring work.
Good luck in getting out of it, even though this may not be the best time for job-seeking.

I’ll bet you are right about ‘Higher Hill’.
But Mam Tor isn’t in the south-west, is it?

How can someone as ‘over the moon’ as RG not be a football fan?
Yes, England have given ‘curate’s egg’ performances to gain impressive results while managing to make the opposition look good.
And mid-table mediocrity may soon look good for the Stags. When the points are deducted they will be nearer relegation than promotion and recent results have not been exactly encouraging.

Enjoyed your comment on the moon as a melon.
An old friend of mine used to say “Apple New Year and Many Orange ‘Em.” But he WAS a poly lecturer.