Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Changeable Tuesday - WoW tomorrow

The first picture is from our Brewhouse Yard WoW of a few weeks ago and shows Roy, Reg and Brian resting after undergoing the Nottingham and Notts Photographic Exhibition.

We try only to do indoor functions if the weather demands it and tomorrow, if it's not good we aim to pull in the RPS Exhibition in West Bridgford Library. A report will follow.

The second picture is one of Brian's at Padley Gorge, when we visited Longshaw. The dappled light is a joy. Very similar to my first ever snap on the family folding Kodak of The Henmore Brook at Ashbourne.

Picture 3 is one of mine, again from our Longshaw trip. I waited a while because I was hoping for Hygger Tor, on the skyline, to be lit more dramatically. But it didn't happen till I had moved further on - and then I got that fence cutting straight across the picture. Such is life !

This morning has been occupied by National Trust chores. Not from next April though ! Y said that she will just master the intricacies of her laptop and setting out minutes, agendas, letters etc., in Microsoft Office when she won't need to do it anymore. This morning she learnt 'underlining' 'bold' 'tabs' etc., - it wont be wasted though, and she is really enjoying the internet.

I cooked a beef-casserole with green beans and a tray of Delia's oven baked veg (butternut squash, sweet potato, celeriac, onion, swede). I already had some stewed apple so Y put a crumble mix on top and we ate it with ice-cream.

The tiling man came to sort out the tiles in the Shower and they look very nice. Still can't use it though because the tiles need to settle down before he finishes off with the grouting. Be fun when it's done.


bungus ...... Hard to believe but true - well nearly ! We have been going to Mansfield National Trust for 5 years - Y went on the Committee and became raffle-coordinator the following year and I joined her on the committee a year after that.

Escher, Eschler, Eischler etc,.... Whatever - we all are talking about the same bloke.

I'm surprised at Sandra's comment about the inadequacy of the living salad. (I did include the steak-knife for scale). The box isn't that small and the plants have now grown much taller and replaced the salad I cut off. Seems perfectly adequate to me. In any case, we tend to have salad as a 'garnish' rather than the main part of a meal.

Jill .... The Liquidamber is often described as having maple-like leaves, but it isn't actually a maple. Please stress to your gardener that it must be the dwarf variety. Ours is around 10yrs old and was a Daily Telegraph offer.

And Yes ! They will have problems finding new comittee members. But all us us are quite determined to go. We will keep you informed.

Like you, I am assuming that the discussions of 'herring milts' is about what we call 'soft roes' is it? Like your Dad, I love them, fried, on toast, but haven't had any for ages. Y doesn't like the smell of them cooking.

I agree with you about kippers. I ordered them for breakfast on holiday and was quite disappointed when fillets arrived.

Reg ....... Of course ! Beatties ! Close to Beecrofts I suppose. Well they both begin with a B.

Great story about your 'Spitfires' and the photograph and the Chief Test Pilot. I was going to say "Amazing that it didn't do well in Competitions" then I remembered myself.

Kimberly Library sounds pretty dire. Anyway, probably see for myself on Saturday morning. I'll take a couple of snaps for Bungus.

4 ticks ..... Tricky one re the Spitfire and the 'testacy' thereof. Your idea of selling it and divvying up the proceeds in your wills, is not of course the only solution. You could do the 'selling it' bit, and then spend the cash on yourselves !

The new Morrisons coffee sounds worth a try. And what a good idea to use the place for meetings.

The MATT cartoon will have to perform service as today's Quotation.

His dagger like humour hits the spot again.

I haven't snaffled one for ages and I always attribute them fully

Going to make a hot drink now, and perhaps toast a hot-cross bun I saw lurking in the breadbin earlier. Only go stale by tomorrow and I've got to do my bit for a greener Britain !

Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow



bungus said...

Re your Monday phone call.
You must ring me more often (now I’ve had my ear syringed). The confusion thus caused gets my brain to working.
“There’s somebody we don’t want to know,” you said.
I thought you were telling me, without defining the context, about someone you don’t wish to have contact with (and whom, therefore, you could take steps to avoid).
But, as I later realised, what you meant is that you know someone from whom you wish to withhold some information of which only a few privileged people are aware.
You were, it seems, asking me to keep a secret that I didn’t even know existed.
It’s as simple as that.

Yesterday I went into the butcher’s and said, “I’ve seen a recipe I want to try and I need a pig’s cheek.”
“Got one in this morning.” he said, and brought out the whole head and sliced one side off. Something very satisfying about that sort of shopping.

Leads nicely to, Sandra saying “The best thing about supermarkets is the exits.”

I watched The Book Quiz last night (I can catch the full length version of Jules’ show on Friday) and was slightly disappointed. I thought Kirsty seemd somewhat surprisingly ill-at-ease and AL Kennedy spent the better part of the programme in a trance. The other three did their best to liven things up and the last round was quite exciting. As with University Challenge, I reckon that I had some idea of the answers to about half the questions, which is near enough the right level.
Whether I watch again will depend upon who is appearing with Jools.

Nasty sort of night. A mouse, caught in my humane trap, died of exposure.

Same photo, different camera angle. (corrected typo there, leading to the thought, “Is Maureen a ‘camera angel’”?

I think we have seen the second picture before, too. But well worth another viewing.
And I like the Hygger Tor picture.
Could the problems you mention – wrong lighting, obtrusive fence – be a good reason to paint the scene rather than photograph it? There’s always photoshop of course!

Shower fun, hey?
Could you be thinking of turning the ‘sausage fest’ into ‘one of those sort of parties’?

Escher, Eschler, Eischler etc,.... Yes same bloke even if he doesn’t know whether he is on his head or his heels.

To Sandra, the salad IS the meal.
And I have heard you say, more than once, that you don’t like salad. Nor do I and that is why I don’t eat it!

As we have said before, every organisation is having problems finding new comittee members (eg, Community Workshop). So the next to fold will not be the first.
I think you are right to be firm in your decision but it will be interesting to see what happens to your NT branch.

See response to Jill re 'herring milts' etc..

Boggering about with Beecrofts and Beatties.
‘Is that a little late?’ asked the proprietor of the restaurant featured in your camera comp picture.

Glad you remembered yourself.
After a series of confusing organisational changes, I once put up a sign, with accompanying photo, on the wall of my office, saying, “I remember me. I used to be Bob Renshaw.”

Beat me to it! (re Kimberly Library.)

Well said, Matt.
But it’s only money anyway. Remember the days of wampum?

I suppose it could have been 00 gauge I was recalling although 1/72(6 feet to the inch) is precise.
4mm to the foot is in the established tradition of British metrication (“Can I have 3 metres of 4 by 2, please?”)

I must apologise.
I had thought the Spitfire flying over the Spitfire was a composite (or ‘photoshopped’!) picture. Ever since ‘Drop the Dead Donkey’ it has become impossible to accept anything at face value.

Re Kimberly Library: ’snagging’ has never been my strong point and it has nothing purely to do with aesthetics.
Perhaps someone will take photos which could be put on the blog? Personally I have no inbuilt aversion to mixing new and old (cities and gothic cathedrals are full of it). Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t - it is all a matter of how well it is done (and personal taste comes into it as well, of course).

I have previously pondered the inheritance problem posed by possessions such as your Spitfire, although there is nothing in particular that I think our heirs would fight over.
My solution is that they should put any such contentious item to auction (open or restricted) and whoever wants it the most can bid the highest, splitting the resulting money between them. I know it gives the wealthiest a regrettable advantage (as in most things) but I cannot think of a fairer answer apart from a raffle (which would allow the wealthiest to buy it from the winner!).
Or you could send it to auction yourself, of course (and, if interested, they could bid) and divide the money as you suggest.

I agree that Morrisons do now have some very good coffee. Although I usually drink mine black, I like their mocha. But I don't think I have ever been in a Morrisons' restaurant that would lend itself to a meeting of more than 4 people.

My apple pieces were perhaps 50% larger than yours. Thanks for ‘flouring’ tip. I know Sandra does this with cherries for Xmas cake. But the taste is as you describe it anyway, and that is what really matters.

I have a 2’ x 1½’ studio portrait on the living room wall of my great-great-grandfather George Strutt (father of the George Strutt in the group photo blog-published by Graham).
The portrait was taken on his 90th birthday in 1898 (he died the following year) as I know from hearsay backed by a meticulously maintained Birthday Book inherited via my mother from my great-aunt Bessie (Elizabeth on the blog-published photo).

See ‘Jill’ comment below for herrings. I have never had sweetbreads but, from what I have been told, they must have very much the same taste and teture as brains / testicles / milts, (ie, rather bland with a smooth almost ‘Brussels Pate’-like texture but rather firmer).

Milts, which you describe accurately, are the ‘soft’ (male) roe (or sperm). The female roe (eggs) which I prefer, are the ‘hard’ roe.
Sandra also has a problem with the bones in herrings and kippers (and doesn’t like most oily fish anyway).
My method is to take out the backbone and ignore the rest. It sometimes means pulling the occasional fine bone from between the teeth and simply swallowing the others with plenty of bread & butter but there is no other practical and satisfying way to deal with the problem.
As you say, fillets just aren’t the same (but better than nothing for an occasional smokey fix).

Jill said...

I rather like the Hygger Tor photo - does the name mean anything? And the stream in the trees, and the Last of the Summer Wine one....

I think the recent Matt cartoons have been wonderful!

Rained all day here, hope it didn't affect your WOWing too much.

I have a long session tomorrow morning at dentist under sedation, then Friday morning we are off to Bristol for long weekend, so you may have to manage without me for a few days.

Play nicely, children!

4 TICKS said...

Went to my art student, the one who likes private lessons, this morning after the WOW group left. Couldn't leave sooner as the drive was blocked by WOWers cars. Nothing stops Himself from WOWing except when everyone else find they have other things to do. What can be more important than WOWing? We have a standard reply when asked to attend appointments etc. NOT WEDNESDAY NOR FRIDAY MORNINGS, THURSDAY EVENINGS ARE NOT AN OPTION EITHER. ANY OTHER TIME WILL DO. I don't WOW and when He is totally let down I have to endure a grumpy face or let him drop me off wherever I have to be, with a promise to pick me up at mid-day. There's one bonus to this, I sometimes get taken for a chip butty.

You have my sympathy on your impending visit to the dentist. How do you get to be sedated? Mine's a swashbuckling needle brandishing sadist. I'm seriously considering looking elsewhere after the treatments of the last couple of years.


What's a 'Camera Angel'? Explain and we'll tell you whether Maureen is one or not.

Don't eat the cake all at once. Ours lasted 3 days as, after the first day, we rationed ourselves to one slice each at teatime. Can't wait for the spare time to make another one.

Was it you who mentioned Westgate in Mansfield? I spent many a childhood Saturday morning travelling from Newstead, accompanied by one or another of my brothers or sister (the other wasn't born yet), on the 61 Trent bus, armed with a couple of huge shopping bags and 'The Book' containing the shopping list and the cash to pay last weeks bill + the Ration Books. To collect the groceries from Atkinson's Grocery Shop on Westgate then lugging the full bags heavy with stuff like butter, marg', cheese, sugar, lard, bacon etc., to the bus stop outside the Mansfield Shoe Company's factory to get the bus home again. After which we were given 9d. each to go to the pictures. 3d. return busfare, 3d. for the cinema ticket and 3d. for ice cream or sweets.


I like your suggestion regarding the disposal of the beloved Spitfire. It will be considered.
Indeed, the tables at Morrisons can only acommodate 4 at the most but we have only 3 committee members at present because like most other organisations we can't get anyone else to step in. They all like to take, and some I don't expect to do stuff, but most of them are capable of doing a little to keep us going in the manner to which they have become acustomed. If there were more of us I'd take them to Durban House where David would gladly acommodate us by putting tables together. I suppose I can always disband, or threaten to anyway.

Better go and spend time with Himself or I'll be in the Doghouse.