Monday, October 20, 2008

The Week begins - Very windy


A wider view of Wollaton Hall roof - showing things overall, rather than the highlighting of a single boss. In these circumstances a refutation of the 'less is more' concept.

I started my day with a check-up at the dentists. No problems thankfully. After that I went directly to Carphone Warehouse who sorted me out. The young lady explained that my top-up difficulty was due to my giving Hannah the wrong card. As the Sim cards had been swapped over, I should have kept the old card for my new phone, and given Hannah the new card for the old phone. Comprendez ?

Picture 2 shows another web by one of our friendly garden spiders. This time she has been spinning in-between branches of the winter-flowering jasmine. She doesn't seem to have caught anything.

For lunch I did my crispy-beef stir-fry and finished off therein the remains of the mini-salad garden. The Pak Choi content had become dominant anyway so its use was appropriate.

Although the crops have now been 'levelled' I don't aim to bin it yet - just so I can see if anything else germinates.


bungus ..... I tried a two picture collage but it produced a four picture collage which, when cropped to two, looked awful.

Re 'curves' -it is a function in photoshop which you won't want to know about.

Re 'scale' - as the butterfly was on a Michaelmas Daisy bloom I didn't consider a 50p piece necessary as, so far as I am aware, the actual flowers don't vary much in terms of size.

reg ..... I wasn't connecting the cabbage/kings reference to a Haiku. But, as they had been discussed, I pointed out that your line, if it were the middle line of a Haiku, would be a syllable short.

4 Ticks ....... Best of luck with the Gooseberry bushes. We should be floating gently down The Rhine by then.

Quotation time ........

"Critics search for ages for the wrong word, which, to give them credit, they eventually find."

I thought the youtube 'interview' would be more fun than his Wiki page. Good though it is.!

Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow



Invy Wincy said...

There is alot of language being used on this blog that uneducated readers such as me, thow my skule was approved and I lernt to tork proper like, but I thought that a haiku was what the All Black rugby team did at the start of a game, to fritt the opposition.
Thourt the moon observation was brillo, something Patrick Moore would have been proud of, and all without the help of the Hubble telescope too.

bungus said...

Heart warming story of yesterday must be the one about the mother hedgehog (with 6 tiny hoglets) who was brought to the vet having had her face torn off by a predator and who is now recovering well from maxillofacial surgery involving the transplanting of skin from the back of her neck.

I much prefer the bigger view of the Wollaton Hall roof. Nice picture. Not so hit-you-in-the-eye by a long way!
For me ‘Less (gaudiness) IS more (acceptable)’.

Does the fact that you got mixed up about the phone cards have any effect on the new number you sent me?
I kept my same card AND same number.

That’s a lovely web. Is the spider in there anywhere?

I admire your persistence with the salad tray. I hope you don’t get Japanese Knotweed.

Yes, the 2 picture collage can be aesthetically unsatisfactory. I had to experiment with my pictures of Colin.

You are right. I don’t want to know much about ‘curves’. I seem to remember distortions from the course I did at Northern College, which might be something to do with it.

I am less familiar with Michaelmas Daisies than 50p pieces (or butterflies) but your point is well made.

I would have thought floating down the Rhine would be a bit nippy, this time of year. Unless you’ve got a boat, that is.

I have always liked Ustinov. I went to see him in his own play ‘The Loves of Four Colonels’ at the Theatre Royal.

Your kind offer to play gooseberry is much appreciated but I can see all sorts of possible logistical complications!
I think I had better see if I can get to Sutton next week, or otherwise wait...

Invy Wincy:
Surely ‘haiku’ is an Austrian sneeze and ‘haik’ is the fish they sell in Brummie chippies?

4 TICKS said...

Must visit Wollaton Hall sometime soon. Some of the pic's I've seen make me say, "Where's all the stuff gone".

Fantastic web RG these spiders are really clever beings. Enjoy your cruise, wish I was coming along. Just a thought, with no-one home you may find that you will have to hack through a plethera of web before you can get back into your home. Ooer.....

Had a fryup for lunch, had meant to make a stew, you know, the type you make in a big pan and containing a bit of everything in the veg bin, a cooking apple, some bits of beef and added dumplings for the last hour of simmering. No time for this as I had to visit the surgery for an ECG at 12noon following which we had to go for our usual dip in the pool. Therefore lunch was extremely late. Really enjoyed it though.
It was suggested that, as it was such a nice day, we should go out somewhere this afternoon after which, Himself, promptly went to sleep all by himself. I spent some time doodling with my watercolours. Check your e-mails for the result.


Good luck with the Gooseberries, I'm thinking of getting some Blackcurrants as well.


I'm trying to knit a winter cardigan, just something simple as my injured limb causes me to rest every couple of rows. Don't think I could tackle the Aran cape, which I intended to do for this winter just yet. I've always fancied the lovely one in the Beatrix Potter knitting book. Oh well, perhaps next year.