Sunday, October 19, 2008

Good Sunday - Babysitting - Mobile Phone

Thought I'd start with this panorama of my new phone. Not, as Y and Hannah said "Showing Off" but because I wanted to solve the technical problems of showing the front and rear when I've only got one phone. Anyway, there is the result but the modus operandi would bore normal people.

A good day - with Morrisons petrol price now being 99.9p per litre it cost me £32 to fill up the Civic, rather than the £42 it cost me last time. Y did lots of heavy work in the garden, pulling out brambles whose roots seemed to start somewhere in the middle of the football field opposite. Eventually I prevailed upon her to stop because I knew she would 'do her back' and we had Burton Joyce to cope with in the evening.

We set off for BJ around 5pm and have had a great time here with the grand-children.

Miles and I did lots of 'bird things' and he had great fun messing about in 'curves' to obtain some really weirdo bird colours.

He enjoyed manipulating this Spoonbill and I hope the original author will indulge our use of a great original image. We aren't going to sell it, or enter it in a competion or anything, and Miles is only 7yrs.

His 'bird knowledge' is way beyond ours and his computer skills can best be described as 'nimble'. Hannah helped me a lot with my new mobile. She really wants to show me how to use Bluetooth, and my protestations that "I can live without it" tend to fall on deaf ears.

They are all in bed now (9.15pm) and I'm just now getting round to my blog.


Bungus ..... You've got me totally confused about distances from USA to Russia/Cuba. I suppose that Alaska to what used to be USSR is the 40 miles figure, across The Bering Strait, and that Cuba, say Miama to Havanna, is about 250 miles. Or am I missing something (not unusual, I know).

Re the Small Tortoiseshell. I decided not to crop closer because the creature was already larger than life-sized.

Sorry about the goosegogs ....... I planted both bushes yesterday. However, if you are desperate, consider one of them as 'heeled-in' until the Spring cometh ...... !

Re my 'tetchiness' .... I shouldn't have been snappy - you are too good a friend for that. Please accept 'tiredness' as the cause. Interesting that anonymousrob is so fluent in Radiogandy... He explains my thought processes precisely. (mind you - he's known me a long time too !)

And you make the excellent point that, had you not added your comment, there wouldn't have been any comments at all, and how boring is that ?

He also manages to understand my mental agility in seguing from Colin Gibson to David Gibbens. Even though I failed the last hurdle, that was the name I was searching for !

anonymousrob ...... Thanks for manning the 'multi-translation' desk at such short notice. You were spot on with my meaning.

Pleased to learn that you and Elaine both have the Nokia 6500. I'm inching forward with it but shall enjoy being able to pick your brains. The Camera looks good, but I'm having difficulty using the focusing methods. Fingers too fat maybe !

Also - please excuse me slipping the Delia recipe into your slot. It helped with the lay-out don't ya know !

I know David had the recipe as I dictated it, without the book, on Saturday morning but it will be best for him to actually see it. You and Elaine might like to try it anyway - it is v.good and v.reliable.

The moon/melon Haiku is a cracker ! One of your best. It flows effortlessly. The 7 syllable middle line is so natural but bang-on target at the same time. Congratulations.

A photobook with an image per page, and a haiku beneath would be a joy !

Reg ........ Just a syllable over the necessary 7 for the middle line of a Haiku. Brilliant concept though.

Here is a link to The Walrus and The Carpenter so others can enjoy returning to the Poem or reading it for the first time. I think I've read it 4 times since we got home.
'get off to bed - Ed'

I think I'll let the Lewis Carroll serve as The Quotation Slot and I'll hope to catch you tomorrow.



bungus said...

I am so pleased that you are not showing off.
Wouldn’t it have been easier to do a 2 picture collage? Or would that have been artistically unsatisfactory?
Your new mobile looks quite a lot like the one Sandra bought me that I could not cope with and felt like ‘firebacking’
‘Fireback’ is an instance of noun becoming verb of which I heartily approve having grown up with it).
‘Exiting’ is one I dislike and, in reverse order, ‘invite’ used as a noun.
But yours has a camera to complicate it even further.

I can remember the outrage expressed when petrol reached the ‘pound a litre’ mark.
Oh, how soon we forget.
Have you realised that a packet of crisps now costs between 3 shillings and 6 shillings when it should be 3d.

The Spoonbill looks great but what on earth is ‘curves’?

My point was that Ms Palin is an Alaskan and like all Americans (althought I don’t wish to generalise) is so parochial in her thinking that distance from Alaska is all that matters to her. (The 4,000 miles was estimated by eye).

I had temporarily mislaid my inner scale and forgetten the size of a SMALL tortoiseshell. Your fault really for not including a 50p.

Don’t worry about the gooseberry. I’ll either spot another somewhere (ie, Netto) or else… The one we have has been transplanted at least 3 times since 1970 which indicates how good natured they are about disturbance.
I recall a professor of English from Liverpool university who had his 15 minutes of TV fame (a bit more in fact) probably in the 60s.
He recited a little poem, in a Scouser accent (which he described as Irish spoken through a 'Murseyside' fog) comparing a goose-burry to a furry (fairy) and concluding 'Loike a littel ploom, only 'urry (hairy)'.

Good of you to acknowledge your 'shortness' but we are all allowed to show a degree of annoyance at times – otherwise there is little point in growing old.
If I wasn’t sure you had already forgotten it I would say ‘forget it’.

Re Rob’s understanding: not so much lateral thinking as lateral leaping. There should be a Special Olympics.
I suppose the ‘sprint punning’ of my haiku shows a lesser demonstration of that same facility?

I endorse the Roast Veg recipe, especially its versatility (but I would suggest not trying sprouts, although you never know - fried cauliflower is good).

I’m afraid I find the Walrus & the Carpenter rather creepily unpleasant in the same way as the TV ad in which a peperami in human form screeches “I’m a bit of an animal!”
That said, it is a cracking poem.
Sandra once wrote a parody of the ‘seven maids with seven mops’ stanza, bemoaning her household cleaning duties.

Colin Gibson? Tricky little inside right, brought in after Munich?
Did he also play for Coventry?.

I was talking on Sunday to my oldest friend and fellow Stags supporter who has lived in Stevenage for some 50 years. He watched the Stevenage/Mansfield match on telly and was even more impressed by Stags than when he went to see them in Cardiff. He thought their on-the-ground game well above the level at which they are now playing and says the Stevenage goal was down to a simple goalkeeping error (there have been several - some consider it a gamble playing that goalkeeper). Even his Stevenage-supporting companions thought Mansfield were unlucky not to take a point at least. None of which is much help. I remember everyone saying that Forest were too good to go down. And I understand Stags were booed off yesterday. Perhaps the government will help them out?
Apropos ‘nowt burranother leap’ (of Bob Beamon spectacularity) Lewis Hamilton comes from a well-off Stevenage family. And this year he hasn't blown it.

I appreciate your shower-picture-description-interpretation.
I can only say that I have always thought myself to be imaginative but I couldn’t get anywhere near that!

Nice haiku. Crying out for transmogrification, so:
The moon's a melon?
No liar, RG. Can’t he
be loopy, honey?

Your comment baffles me as much as the shower concept and how does RG connect it with a haiku?
Am I losing it? Or did I never actually have it? Is that what I came upstairs for?

Reg said...

Bungus -- lets see if Rob explains the cabbage/kings referance. How RG connected it with a haiku show he did not understand.

4 TICKS said...


Been to Lidl today, picked up a leaflet for items on sale from Monday 27th. Gooseberry bushes are listed. Suggest you get there early. Can't offer to pick one up for you as we will be visiting Debbie, our daughter & family in Coventry for a day or two.

Good luck.

4 TICKS said...

Sorry Bungus,

It's just been pointed out that the bit of leaflet containing details about Gooseberry bushes is dated for sale on Thursday 30th. We'll be at home then & will be pleased to call at the store in an attempt to obtain one for you. Just say the word.

Thanks for the pic's by the way.

Be back later when I have more time.